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Electronic Manufacturing
DaTran Corporation has its own production equipment for the manufacture of electronic circuit boards. Our Siemens "pick and place" machine can place up to 30,000 components per hour on a PCB. We are able to build FR4, FR406, aluminum clad and other common types of PCB. We also have a "solder wave" machine that can solder through-hole components rapidly. We have in-house production technicians that are skilled in the rework and repair of circuit boards. Standard microscope and digital microscope inspection is used once all work is complete on a board for verification of quality workmanship. Customer specified test procedures can also be performed on produced circuit boards for further quality assurance. If product needs to be assembled in to a housing as well, procedures can be performed for final test of the turn-key product.
Microchip awarded DaTran with the Microchip Master Certification. Due to our extensive use of Microchip products over the last decade, we are able to provide quick development of reliable products for our customers. DaTran has developed products of its own, and Microchip products have been used in them as well.