Electronic Engineering
Through the use of circuit simulation and computer-aided-design board layout softwares, DaTran is able to quickly design simple and complex boards. From basic circuits to feature-rich user interfaces that utilize LCD displays, keypads, and digital and analog control of external equipment are our specialty.
If you have designed a board yourself and are in need of having it built, we can order the boards and either hand-build or machine-build your prototype. This process can be done in as quick as a week.
For products requiring PC software, through the use of VisualBasic and VisualC++, we can develop that software also. We can also do web-based applications and server installation.
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Microchip awarded DaTran with the Microchip Master Certification. Due to our extensive use of Microchip products over the last decade, we are able to provide quick development of reliable products for our customers. DaTran has developed products of its own, and Microchip products have been used in them as well.